Educational Rock Sample Suite

This educational kit includes Neoproterozoic rock samples taken from Namibia, East Greenland, and Canada's Mackenzie Mountains. 20 samples encompassing the most compelling evidence in the Snowball Earth (including tillites and cap carbonates) debate have been compiled into one, easy-to-use, comprehensive educational package. The educational suite includes in depth description cards with color photographs of each sample, stratigraphic sections, and the precise location of origin for each sample. The kit is designed for use in college level geoscience laboratories as a tool for educating students about the Snowball Earth debate and its critical relevance to the scientific understanding of rapid global change. The rock suite comes in a portable case along with sample booklets, posters, and guidelines for use. The rock suite is appropriate for courses in Climate Change, Earth History, Glacial Geology or Global Change. You can view the booklet that accompanies the rock suite as a 4Mb pdf here.

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